March 12, 2008

{03.12.2008} Permanent Marker vs. Wood Furniture


I'm going to start this blog with saying how much I love my darling daughter and that she does still live with us.

Monday my desk was delivered, Tuesday afternoon my dad called asking about plumbing in our basement which took me away from the main floor of our home for two minutes. You know how it only takes two minutes, and that's why everything with a toddler happens while you are peeing...well, IF you are lucky enough to pee alone? In that two minutes Nyla made a bad choice, although very creative. My little princess discovered I had markers in a container on the new desk. Yes she has seen these markers before, they have always been in this same container, but on the kitchen counter. They had not found a place with in the desk because I was looking for locations for everything...the key to organization. Let me add too that neither of my kids touch my equipment, my desk, the computer when unsupervised, and have never drawn anything on our walls. I came upstairs to discover Mat Man had been drawn on my new desk right in front of my computer monitor with a permanent blue sharpie marker. I took a deep breath and started to cry. After putting the little princess in time-out I then googled "removing permanent marker from wood furniture."

Could it be done? The clouds opened up above my house, the sun started to shine through, I could hear harp strings (okay, I'm getting carried away), and this website came up...

A bit hesitant, I tried the Mr. Clean Eraser. As long as you are working with a FINISHED wood surface it will come off with a little elbow grease. Make sure you have your furniture polish right there though because it will dull the finish, but a little Pledge and you are all set to go...and your child won't need to pack their bags!

Kudos to all the brilliant moms (and dads)!


Claire said...

Brilliant moms and dad...yes, but always remember...necessity is the mother of invention. This SAME thing happened to someone else at some point in time. I wonder if THIER children still live at home?

Claire said...

I also want to say, that after crying with you the other day, it's nice to come read this blog and be able to laugh about it. Well written!

Carrie said...

oh Leda, how I can relate with that! Did you know that the mess free marker in yellow WILL stain a wood table!!! Even MR Clean couldn't get it out, but he has saved my house SO many times!