March 13, 2008

{03.13.2008} Leelanau Cellars

Wine? Wine not?

I grew-up with my dad making merlot in a shed behind our first house in Stevensville. I helped smash grapes, funnel the funny liquid into large glass jars, run the tubes, and then bottle. These are memories from before I was five. I never understood what was so special about the bitter, dry, tasting stuff. Today my taste buds have matured and I'm beginning to love testing the different bottles my dad shows up with at family get-to-gathers.

In February he showed up with a bottle of Lelanau Cellars Cranberry. I've looked for it in a few places, but today I found the Cranberry along with several other fruits at a local grocer. They are a little taste of summer...which with the weather today was perfect. I'm looking forward to relaxing sunsets on the deck with a glass in my hand.

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