March 15, 2008

{03.15.2008} Berrien Springs, MI

After dinner tonight my dad and I pulled off the road in Berrien Springs to do a little night shooting. Something I've never done with my old man, along with a location I've not paid much attention to after dark. The dam is south of the city and you don't see it till you cross the bridge and round the corner. I was amazed at the captures and absolutely LOVE them in a high contrast black and white.

Dad is constantly amazed at what digital technology offers being that his Fujica (the camera I learned on) has so many limitations...according to him. We discussed the Fujica's one second exposure limitation to my D300's 30 second. I can not wait till he purchases his first DSLR...something we talk about ALL THE

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Claire said...

That second shot is AMAZING! YOU are amazing!