March 15, 2008

{03.15.2008} A Fabulous Day!

This morning I headed for St. Joseph to meet with Gennel, Chelsea and James, and Chelsea...all of which are August 2008 weddings! Back-to-back-to-back meetings were all very different. How much better could it get? Coffee at the South Bend Chocolate Company, crab cakes at Schu's, and great company! I absolutely love discussing what plans every bride has for their unique storybook wedding. The day could not have been more fabulous!
The images above were taken in the entrance of the Mark III restaurant in St. Joseph this evening. This wooden phone booth is wonderful addition to their smoky ambiance and incredible Mexican food.

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Stella Event Design said...

I meet at the Chocolate Cafe all the time, I love it, and it smells so good, you don't even have to eat anything to enjoy it! It's one of my favorite places to meet clients in st. joe! I love the pics you posted of the dam in Berrien Springs. I too, have driven by many times and not paid attention to it--who knew it could look so gorgeous!