April 10, 2008

{04.05.2008} My man Luke turned ONE!

Saturday we celebrated Luke turning one. Luke is my best friend, Claire's, little man. Presents were the beginning of the party. We had two three year olds and a five year old not so patiently waiting to see what was under all of that colorful paper. Luke preferred the ribbon. (I think ribbon is more fun too!)
This is big brother Cole ready to jump in and help at moments notice.The experience of eating that first piece of cake should be a disaster. Apparently Luke missed that memo. This is a "no bath required" child.
I'm afraid the next time I see this little man he will be running around the house in his big brothers shadow wearing nothing but his firetruck underwear and a superhero cape. :sniff sniff:

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Claire said...

I love these! Thanks for doing this for us...they are wonderful!