April 10, 2008

(04.06.2008} Shakespeare Park & Friends

Is this not the picture of what summer is all about? Bare legs and pink flip flops.
This is my first hand-picked flower of 2008. My kids love picking flowers, and I love receiving them...even the dandelions.
We met up with old friends today! All boys vs. Nyla. As you can see she's got control. You KNOW I was tempted, but I needed to set a good example. If my kids (and husband) weren't around you know I would have. The picture below is, I think, a catfish. I thought we were feeding the ducks...I was wrong.lol
Spiderman Cole.
A Shakespeare Park they have a children's museum. I got to play too!


Claire said...

It's a carp, not a catfish. :)

Love your color room pic!

Leda Vander Laan said...

Carp, catfish...same difference...their all nasty, slimy, creatures.=)

I thought we were feeding the ducks!