May 24, 2008

{05.24.2008} a rare Saturday off

Adding to my list, the letter J.=)
Letter J
What a fabulous day! This morning the kids and I met up with other photographers from the Grand Rapids Flickr group at the Fulton Street Farmers Market. I'm always hesitant about taking my five and three year old along while shooting for fun, but they seem to always amaze me. I've got great kids. When we were strolling through the market shopping was the only thing on my mind. Find bracelet. Check. Find Nyla a bracelet. Check. Asparagus and a few plants. Gottem!
high jumpin!
We walked from the market to Marie Catrib's for lunch. On the way we had the kids do what kids do best...jump!
just funny
Happy Saturday!


Claire said...

LOVE that pic of Tyler! Glad you had a great day!

Claire said...

Hey - I got a question...did you flip the pic to make the J, or did you actually go old school and take it that way??? Cool, regardless.

Oh, and I want you to convince a B&G to have a pics on that wall. Cause how cool would that be?

Leda Vander Laan said...

One of the guys we were with held me upside down by my hips, while his 1yr old was on his shoulders holding my legs, and Tyler held onto both the two and three year old.

Easy capture, easy flip. It's all in the vision!=)

Claire said...

I prefer to imagine you doing a handstand and having Tyler hug your knees to help you balance as you shot this...

Stella Event Design said...

Love the pic of your son---awesome shot by that wall! He obviously gets his jumping skills from mom---way to rock on the trampoline--love it!