May 26, 2008

{05.26.2008} Happy Memorial Day!

This weekend truly was all about family. It's soooo rare I get two full days with my husband and kids. Sunday was spent working on our deck. The railing is almost complete! And working on getting the rest of the wood chips spread on the front of the house. I love projects with my husband. We work well together and when mistakes are made I get to laugh at him.=)
ol' snaggle tooth Tyler
Today we woke-up early and headed down to Alpine for breakfast and shopping. This is also a VERY rare occurrence for us. What? Breakfast AND shopping? w00t! Tyler while I was grabbing my coffee lost his first tooth. And when I say was GONE. The blueberry bagel must have stole it! He wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy before bed explaining his actions on the smallest piece of paper in the smallest writing a 5yr old could manage. If you find this tooth (fits pictured hole) please return to the Tooth's been paid for.

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