July 02, 2008

{07.02.2008} in the storm

calm before the storm
How fabulous it is to have underground electric and cable. Something I take for granted till it's gone. Luckily, Solon Township didn't have any wires down, unlike other areas of Grand Rapids, and other than the kids I had no interruptions. I was able to sit and process wedding pictures, upload to a proof gallery, and listen to my kids fight over what movie to watch or what video game to play.

This image was taken around 2:30 just before the storm hit our area. The radar said it wasn't too close to us, but I snapped two shots and was running for the house. Looking past the blooming/drying quack grass...isn't the color fabulous?! I LOVE crazy skies, thunder, lightening, and sitting in the front window with my kids watching the storm roll in.

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Claire said...

Yes the color IS fabulous!