July 05, 2008

{07.05.2008} Congratulations Danny & Kendra!

There is something about high school sweethearts. This something is so incredibly special. They are able to be care-free kids, school, graduation, and then the fun that comes with being an adult together. Dan and Kendra have been together for thirteen years, yet are just in their twenties!
porn shot 180
The day started in Big Rapids...straight business. Hair, make-up, dress, champaign...the necessities of a wedding day. We ventured over to the same park that their epics were taken at and then located a couple of fun old buildings before heading to Kendra's parents house (aka ceremony and reception site).

.find something dead and bring it hope

The above image is one of my favorites of the day. See Dan, absolutely fabulous!

The ceremony was in the backyard. The trellis has been there for years, but I'm still not remembering it from our session in December. Three sides were set-up for their guests with the bridal party in a "V" formation on the back. Very unique, and very much breath-taking.
make it personal
After the bestman and maid-of-honors toast Kendra had a few words. One question she kept being asked during the planning process is "why at your parents house?" The reason, all the memories. The first kiss in the yellow mustang in the driveway (next to the tent), along with many others. Why wouldn't they celebrate the beginning of their new life where their relationship started?

Risk #47 for 2008...being in Kendra and Dan's path as they rush through the arms of their bridal party. Shot with my 50mm...yes, I was a bit too close for comfort.=)
busting thru

On the hunt for a dirt road in Big Rapids...found!

Thank you so much for making us a part of your day! Lynell and I had a blast! Have a fabulous time in St. Lucia!


Claire said...

I have so many comments on this, I don't even know where to start...
First, your favorite is my favorite. LOVE.
Second, sun in the ceremony shot = fabulous.
Third, the ring picture. Amazing. Double amazing. What lens?
Risk #47...totally worth it. Great shot!

Leda Vander Laan said...

Thanks! The ring shot was done with my 105mm...LOVE that lens!

Lynell Shooks said...

yup,fun was had....