July 17, 2008

{07.11.2008} Congratulations Henry & Annette!

Friday afternoon was in one word...perfect. Watching a couple become life partners is fabulous, but witnessing the creation of a new family is amazing.
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The day started Henry and Annette's new home. I love personalizing details, so this one I couldn't over-look. After using this little dish as a prop I was told it was a recent gift from Annette's kids, Katie and Jonathan. So sweet.
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Another lady that wears a size 5 shoe. Someone else shares my shopping pain!lol
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Henry and Annette pledged their lives as one at Trinity United Reformed Church in Caledonia on Friday evening. After the bridal party entered the sanctuary, Annette entered...on the arm of her son, Jonathan. I tear-up at every ceremony, but Jonathan giving his mother away was so touching.
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The reception took place at Pine Rest's new Postema Center. On the sign it says "for worship and education." The place is beautiful. The colors, the entrance, and the landscaping.
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Annette and Henry...you both are so incredibly wonderful. Thank you. I wish you both nothing but the best.


Claire said...
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Claire said...

The family picture needs to be framed and hung in their kitchen! Love it! Her shoes, her flowers - gorgeous! And great shot of the ceremony!