July 18, 2008

{07.12.2008} Congratulations Eric & Kirsten!

I need to first say THANK YOU to my happily married couples from this past weekend for your patience and understanding on delayed blog posts. Love you!

covered in diamonds. me = drool

Saturday morning waking up to storms was not in my plan. The threat of storms again at 4:30 and 6pm didn't make for great nerves when your outdoor ceremony is scheduled for 4pm, pictures starting around five, and reception at seven. All pictures were during the threat. YIKES! Luckily, NOTHING happened!!!! Let me just give you a little taste of what 6:30 looked like...yes, I'm a tease!

And now back to the days flow...hehe

Kirsten and Eric are amazing. Met Kirsten for the first time a few weeks ago, met Eric Saturday morning. I felt like I had known them and their wedding party for years. The day started downtown at the Amway Grand Plaza.

Chandon champaign. The taste of almond. A great way to start the days celebration!

Arrival. Ceremony. One last look...

The ceremony was so relaxed and personal. Location, Townsend Park in Cannonsburg at the outdoor pavilion. One of my most favorite places. No decorations needed. Simple beauty.

Madison is the most mature eight year old I have ever met. With as tired as Miss Madison was due to pre-wedding events, she was fabulous.

The creation of a second family this past weekend...

Then back downtown for a few more pictures and reception at The Photography Room.

No wedding day is complete till you bust out that second dress! I hope the rest of your evening was a blast!

Eric and Kirsten...I wish you nothing but happiness. Thank you for everything!


Anonymous said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the photo of this bride running motion by motion into her groom's arms! Soooo amazingly beautiful!
-Jessica Hazen.

Claire said...

Yeah, me=drool too!!!

And lovin that last Marilyn Monroe-esque shot!

Darrin Wassom said...

Wow Leda!! Loving your images from this wedding. The detail shot of the ring is one for a magazine cover! Hope you are doing well.

Darrin (darrinw on flickr)