September 04, 2008

{09.04.2008} First day of Kindergarten!

With as much as I wanted the traditional shot of Tyler standing on our front steps this morning he choose to pose by the car instead. "Duh, can not take your camera into the rain. Even I know that." So here's my capture.*giggle* My boy. The BIG kindergartner.

Nyla after a couple of squirrely moves around her brother, goofy kisses, and a good dose of stink-eye, finally smiled for me. What a mess these two are together. Their mine. ALL mine.

This picture was taken only seconds after the one above. I had to tell Miss Bitty that she wouldn't be starting preschool for another 12 days. She counted to twelve and then realized how long it took her to get to 12. We'll be getting first day pictures of her on the 16th! w00t!

I thought it was going to be hard leaving Ty this morning...he's my first baby. Nope, it was just the opposite. Maybe I do better sending them one at a time? He was so excited. Walked into the room, said good morning to his teacher, put his backpack away (with out being told), grabbed his name tag, walked over to the rug, stuck is right arm in the air and began a game of 20 questions. When picking him up I asked the teacher how he did. His reply "Tyler will be a great leader for me this year. He's also going to keep me on my toes." Yep! That's MY boy!

What did Nyla and I do from 8:45 till 3:26? What us girls do!

Oh, and if you're curious about last year, how much my kids have grown, and how I handled their first day, click HERE.*giggle* Maybe it's best I send them off one at a time. I unknowingly wrote out a goal too...sweet success. I love my jobs!

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