September 03, 2008

{08.31.2008} Congratulations Bill & Gennel!

When I arrived at Gennel and Bill's home on Sunday afternoon I was greeted with this sign. Lulani is their beautiful daughter who just came home from the hospital a week ago. I would have paid double the asking price to see Lulani, but she's not taking visitors till later this year due to being a preemie. As for photo's...I've got nothin. ::sniff sniff:: But I did get to briefly see her through the front window!

Gennel and Bill have quite the story. I met with Gennel to talk about wedding plans earlier this year. She was in the midst of planning this amazing wedding for August 31, 2008. Hall was booked, dress was purchased, etc. To then find out about three weeks later they were expecting, and not only expecting, but saving their little one. Their vows were exchanged at Bronson in Kalamazoo back in May. How many people can say they got married at a hospital?lol Lulani was born early. To go along with keeping with the celebration of August 31, Bill and Gennel were watching their little girl grow stronger every day, searching for, buying, and moving into their first home. These two are amazing, and their daughter alone is proof.

Ceremony and reception location was Pebblewood Golf Course in Bridgman, MI. Walking into the entertainment room there brought back some great memories from my teen years. Forever ago they hosted a teen dance night every Sunday. It was the place to be. Okay, now that I've aged myself...*giggle*

Gennel just before the ceremony to renew their vows. LOVED her dress! Gorgeous!

I love the wording they choose on their gifts. Sharing. This celebration was geared more around all of their neices and nephews. It was their day for family.

Bill was an absolute nut during the ceremony, and just never stopped. Seriously, look at how tiny Gennel is!

And they knew how to work a dance floor...

I hope this week you two are able to sit back, breathe, and enjoy your sweet time. It was an honor to be a part of your day. Thank you!

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Claire said...

Again, loving your wide angle on the dance floor! Great shots!