October 11, 2008

i do : Josh & Lori

Saturday was amazing. The weather could not have been more perfect for Josh and Lori's outdoor ceremony and reception at Whitefish Lake Golf Club in Pierson, MI. The ceremony was emotional. Josh and Lori are such a wonderful couple with such incredible family and friends.

That's not me. I bring a stunt double. I'm tellin ya; Justin doesn't let me get away with much.

Always searching for fun.

Then we were off to find hole 14 where the celebration continued!

Finding a moment for time alone.

The biggest bouquet ever! Beautiful!

Lori's ring is gorgeous, but I'm totally in love with Josh's.

I hope the rest of your evening and weekend were wonderful!

1 comment:

MTerrill said...

Love the pictures, as always.
What a priceless shot Justin with Leda.