October 12, 2008

family : meet the Terrill's!

Today is the beginning of a week spent at Townsend Park in Cannonsburg.

Received an email from Marissa beginning of August. The plan was to surprise the Terrill's with family photos in October. Not only was this scheduled shoot a surprise to Mom and Dad, but also bringing Mandy into Michigan!

Marissa had a goal of getting a few images of her and hubby John as well. What John didn't realize is to what extreme Marissa will go to for fabulous shots. LOVE her, LOVE the fact that John will to though ice cold water, allow this photographer to pretzel him, plus graceful balance, to please his wonderful wife!

Mom and Dad love pictures of people walking away...so we needed this!

Thank you for the opportunity of meeting and spending the morning with your family!

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