October 19, 2008

curtain call : Steve & Lori

September 13, 2008 was a mess. Steve and Lori on the other hand were amazing. An old wives tale states that rain on your wedding day is a sign of luck. If that's the case, then these two are set. As I was leaving their reception I made them an offer...a puddle jump extension. They had planned on downtown pictures between ceremony and reception, the rain took care of that idea along with any other possibilities the entire day due to 24hrs of wetness. Sunday afternoon we made it happen. Lori in her dress, Steve in his tux...curtain call!

I loved seeing you two again! I hope you're enjoying your honeymoon this week!


Anonymous said...

hi, i came across your site and love these shots! just wondering what location this is done at :0)

LVL Photography : Leda said...

Kristen- they were all shot downtown GR near San Chez and the Children's Museum.

Thanks for the comment!