November 19, 2008

i do. : Brian & Shaya

Saturday, despite the bitter wind and the rain (or was it snow?), Brian and Shaya were HOT. The emotion that overwhelmed the entire day was amazing. Ceremony took place at Zion Church of Christ in Baroda with the party (oops, reception) at Lake Michigan College Mendel Center.

I'm sooooooooo in the mood for black/white....

First meeting. A great way to surprise a it on the fly.=)

I :heart: Grandma Barb.

The ridiculously fabulous bridal party. You know your friends and family rock when they will suffer the bitter cold for you!

There are so many unexplainable images from Saturday night. It's making me crazy that I can not remember the song at this point of the evening. Help? What do you think Brian was singing?*giggle*

I hope you two find time to relax and enjoy your first week of marriage! Thank you for allowing Justin and I to experience it!

On a side note: this past Saturday was bitter sweet. One more wedding to go for the year coming up here in December, yet I can see relaxation in my future. w00t!

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