November 18, 2008

turning 4

Happy Birthday Squirrel-bait!

Every mother reflects back on their baby's day of birth. I look back on my daughters birthday as the day she was given life twice. If asked to talk about our experience I tear-up, just thinking about it I tear up. Only now they are tears of overwhelming emotion and happiness. Today is a day I will forever continue to thank strangers who gave their time and donation of blood to the Michigan Community Blood Centers. If you would like to read "Nyla's Story" just click the image below.
This time of year is the perfect time to put out a reminder due to crazy schedules and holidays approaching. You can find donation locations by clicking HERE.


Jessica@Stella Event Design said...

Okay, I got all teary at my desk at work reading Nyla's story---I hope she has a wonderful birthday! I've tried to donate a couple times since turning 18, but I clot too fast and they can't get blood from me! I don't know why more people don't want to do it, it's such a little thing---it always seems those of us who want to donate can't!

Claire said...

I love you Bitty!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing!! I got your email, and was wondering if you take credit cards? I'm not sure if your email is working correctly now and you are reciving all your messages, so I figured I'd write here too. please let me know, thanks.

jess ellison

Alaine said...

I actually enjoy giving blood...the only part I don't like is the finger prick but that's not a big deal. I'm hoping to donate on the 15th. Since my eye surgery I've only been able to donate once and I'm feeling some withdrawel. :)
Happy birthday Nyla...way late.