November 11, 2008

ramblings...pretty non-photography related...sorta

What did I learn in kindergarten today?
- Not a single child in Tyler's class takes me serious. Why is that? =P
- In kindergarten I learned "letter people" and we took naps. Today they are learning "site words" and reading books such as Go Animals Go. Naps only happen in preschool.
- In kindergarten I learned numbers and how to count. Today we learned that 4+4=8, 5+5=10, and 3+6=9.
- Parachutes can be used for a great game of cat-n-mouse...and all the giggles are a major bonus.

I LOVE my EdenPURE. Got the electric bill and it only went up $40 from the summer months...and best of all...the propane powered furnace has YET to turn on! w00t! Oh yeah, and (plug) they sell them at Plainfield Lumber & Hardware on Plainfield. Just ask for Taco.=)

Gas in Cedar Springs today is $1.91. What?!

Happy 4th birthday Coleton!!!!! :smoooooooooooooooch:

We had drywall delivered last Friday. Not sure how long mudding takes, but I can't wait for paint! THIS is what my newly remodeled studio looks like today. Bye-bye cement!

The wall with out drywall will be a faux brick and the floors will be wood. Ideas for colors on the other walls is more than welcome!

The blog is experiencing a personality disorder. Stay tuned for some great changes!

Thank you to all our Veterans!

Happy Tuesday!


Brian @ The Photobooth Company said...

ohhhh man! I remember the "letter people" Mr. H with horrible hair was my favorite, but they're probably totally different now!

Claire said...

Seriously? You did a ramble post and didn't say Happy Birthday in it?????

Jessica@Stella Event Design said...

How exciting to be setting up your very own studio space! Does this mean no moving to St. Joe anytime soon? :-( I can't wait to see more pictures as you get it finished up!

Michele Drumm Photography said...

Can't wait to see the finished studio. Colors -- I've always envisioned a pretty toned blue on one wall; like the brick idea; another one white or cream and then the fourth wall graffiti styled :)

Alaine said...

yay! I'm so glad your studio is coming together for you.
And what's the deal with Kindergarten? It didn't used to be so HARD when I was 5. We took naps, played with cardboard bricks and clay, watched baby chics hatch and ate graham crackers and milk. I really don't remember much else. At this rate my kids are going to know more than me by 3rd grade!

Claire said...

Hey woman...I miss you!