December 11, 2008

thank you : happy holidays : gift certificates

Gift Certificates just in time for the holidays + a Thank You gift!

As a Thank You I'm giving away a $100 gift card. It includes a session + $50 print credit.
Use it yourself or give as a gift!

How to enter you ask? Just let me know your plans for this lovely little card!

Comments will be open till Tuesday, December 16th at noon.
The winner will be blogged on Wednesday!

Happy Holidays!


Kim said...

Can I use it for you to take wedding pics if I EVER decide to get married again???? :) Merry Christmas to you and your fam. :)

Anonymous said...

Well let's see my Grandma and her 11 (my Mom included)kids haven't had photos done professionally in about 15 years so I would use it for her. She isn't doing well health wise so this might be the last opportunity. I might want to sneak myself and my son (my first at the age of 36 LOL) in a photo too with her and my mom. You the the generational shot!

Merry Christmas

Amber Tafe said...

I would love to be able to grant my mom a (what do they call those) ??glamour session for just herself. She does soo much for her children. My father died with me 16, ruby 14, jade 4 and opal 2 that was almost 10 years ago. And she STILL never does anything for herself. Matter of fact just last friday she gave her x-mas bonus to me and my sister ruby so that we could get cars-since both of us were without. And guess what b.c of my mom we BOTH got really good cars. My mom is an amateur photographer but there are NO pics of her--she thinks she's ugly, i want her to feel special. Feel beautiful!! :D

~Andrea~ said...

I have a new little (adorable) baby that I would love to have pictures taken of! She hasn't had a real photo shoot yet...and she is just waiting...and we don't want her to cry now do we? :)

Jessica@Stella Event Design said...

I have a good friend in Grand Rapids who recently had her first baby (an adorable little boy!), and I would LOVE to give her this for Christmas! I know she would never spoil herself with awesome pro pics with all the new baby costs and finishing nursing school, but she would be so excited! Definitely an awesome gift, and an awesome giveaway, Leda! I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas!