August 26, 2008

{08.23.2008} Sweetness of Miss Kendall

Saturday morning was spent with Kendall and her parents at their home. If you are one to keep up with my blog you would have read about pre-Kendall, pictures HERE, and then the day she was born HERE. Is she not her mommas girl?

Look at those rolls! I so love chubby babies! And can you believe she was not happy unless she was sitting up? At THREE months! Silly girl. I can't wait to watch her move at six months!

We had to get a few pictures of Tessie with her new baby too. You would think they snuggled like this all the time. (Still loving those rolls!)

Miss K, I can't wait to see you again at six months...but you can come by and play any time!

1 comment:

Claire said...

Kendall's mamma looks like a celebrity in that first shot! LOVE IT!

And her with the doggie - awesome!