August 29, 2008

{08.29.2008} Out of Office

The holiday weekend is here and so is the end of August! This month feels like the never ending just keeps going and going and going and going! *giggles* So far I have experienced five fabulous August weddings. This weekend will make seven! Sunday evening at 10pm I belong to my family. No phone, no cell phone, no internet, no computer...they MIGHT let me have my camera...that's still up for discussion. Not certain how I will survive (it's kinda like air...I need them!), but I will be back to voice mail, emails, and blogging Tuesday!

There is also some amazing changes taking place with LVL Photography. Just a hint...for those of you needing studio work (yelling out to my holiday babies!), my calendar is open (CALL ME!), you're gonna love it!

Here's to an amazing weekend!
Be safe, have fun, and stay tuned next week for updates!

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Jessica@Stella Event Design said...

the "secret" sounds like wonderful news! Can't wait to hear about all the new LVL Photo fun! Have a wonderful weekend!