September 01, 2008

{EXPERIENCE} Let's make it an even 35!

Yes, I realize that 35 is not an even number. I love even numbers up to 10, but after that numbers need to be run in 5's. I know, I'm a dork.

2008's current schedule is 34 weddings. To end the year at 35 would be A-MAZE-ING!

I am offering $200 off package number 3 or 4 only with in the Grand Rapids area to my 35th contracted wedding for 2008!

Available 2008 weekend dates...
October :: 17 & 31
November :: 1, 28, 22, 29
December :: 6, 12, 20,27

Please check my calendar for availability!

Know someone who is quickly planning a fall or winter wedding? Contact me!
(As always, signed contract + deposit confirms your date!)

1 comment:

Claire said...

You are a dork. ;) And I love that about you!