September 17, 2008

{09.16.2008} Nyla's 1st Day Pre-4's!

My little school girl Tuesday morning. If you go back to the first day of school last year you'll notice she's now taller than the door knob. *giggle* My child!

"Mom! Get a picture of my nose!" Again, my child.

And that front door shot I wanted Tyler's first day...and a bit more silliness!

Why does she refuse barrettes? Yeah, my child.

After school Nyla told me about lunch, recess, seeing Tyler on the playground (Ty ran away from her), going to the motor room, her new friends Logan and Kirsten (I hope these are kids she, snack time, their 15 minute sleep time, she likes her new teacher, and that she's still to short to get on the toilet all by herself.

What did Tyler tell me? He can't remember what he did, but he didn't get a green, yellow, or red light (these are in-trouble colors).


Lynell Shooks said...

how does she keep getting cuter???

Carrie said...

where are our babies going Leda? I can not believe Zoe is in second grade already, Skye is in first grade, Piper starts Kindergarten next year, Drew starts preschool next year too! I still remember Ty running around my house at ten months old! Simply crazy. Nice to come and get my LVL make me want to be a wedding photographer....hmmmm, nah...too much work. Your work never ceases to amaze...keep doing what you're doing lady!