September 21, 2008

{09.21.2008} Celebrating 125 Years!!!

Happy 125th Anniversary Solon Center Wesleyan Church!

Pictured above: Pastor Doug, State Representative Tom Pearce, and Senator Mark Jansen.
Solon Center Wesleyan Church was being honored with a plaque from President George Bush.

Pictured below: Dr. Larry Birch.
Dr. Birch is the youngest son (at 84yrs young!) of Reverend Frank Birch who Ministered for Solon Center Wesleyan Church from 1915-1917.

Pictured below: Dr. Robert McIntyre
Dr. McIntyre is a retired General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Denomination.

Also, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Pastor Tom Hollaway who was Ordained on Saturday!
Pictured below: Tom Schmidt (Wesleyan District Superintendent), Rev. Tom Holloway, Dr. Robert McIntyre

Today was filled with history, friends, and family!

Something I learned today. NEVER stand under emergency lights with a flash in a darkened sanctuary. You will not only set off the emergency lights, but you will also get the attention of every single person in attendance. Rule of thumb...just blame the photographer! *giggle*

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